Start feeling better in every possible way.

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Hey, I'm Lance!

I've been a personal trainer for over a decade now and I'm here to help you master your fitness.

I have so many people come to me for the first time and get HUGE optimizations in their training after just a couple sessions. It really can be life-changing.

The frustrating part is that these people have been living with these inefficiencies all their lives. If our paths had crossed sooner, they would have gained back so much time and energy to live the life they want to live.

So that's why I created this website: to give you the fitness answers (and body) you've been searching for.

Mastering Fitness is about training smart. It's time to fix your dysfunctions, free up your time, an get in the best shape of your life.

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"I feel better in every possible way"

I've been training with Lance for 8 months and during that time I've made huge improvements to my health, strength, cardio, flexibility, and overall quality of life.

For the first time in 20 years (or more) I'm under 200 pounds, I can do a pull-up, I can run a 5k, and I feel good about how I look and feel. According to my bathroom scale I've lost over 30 pounds and more than 6% of my body fat. I feel better in every possible way.

"Extremely helpful"

I had downloaded and watched your video multiple times now and would like to thank you very much for going into the level of detail you have provided. I had no idea that you would be able to learn so much about my body!

Finally, I feel like I’m finally turning a corner on the root cause of my lifelong back pain. Thanks for being a part of that process, I feel like I owe you a beer.

Thanks for allowing me be a part of the “Lance Experience”.

"I can happily say I feel better than ever"

Working with Lance over the past 2 years has been one of the most rewarding coaching partnerships I've ever been apart of.

I carry around a lot of stress, as a busy parent and business owner I was ready to get back to a place where I could feel good again! Today I can happily say I feel better than ever and I owe that success to Lance.

For everything I have learned, I can't say THANK YOU enough!

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