Total Body Strength - 5x5 (4 Lifts)

4 weeks
7 days/wk

Never done 5x5? Well you're in for a treat


Building Strength

There are a handful of pieces of fitness that rule over all the others: muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.

Think about each component of fitness arranged in a pyramid. Endurance and strength are at the bottom of the pyramid, setting a strong foundation upon which you can build.

If this is totally new to you, then you probably want to do Foundations I instead of this Total Body Strength program.

Newbie Gains

If you're totally new to training, you get these "newbie gains" which means we build endurance, strength, power, muscle size, and everything else all at the same time and at an alarming rate. Newbie gains, however, don't last forever.

Transitioning Out of Newbie Gains

"Total Body Strength - 5x5" is a great way to segue out of newbie gains and continue to build strength. And I've written this program in a way that's easy to modify based on your available equipment and current strength levels.


If strength is your goal, you'll want to invest in a gym membership or SOME sort of weights to have at home. Even just a set of large bands or adjustable dumbbells is a great start. Strength is about overcoming resistance, and it's challenging to build lower body strength with only your body weight. Read more on Making a Home Gym if you need help.

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